RIVERSONIC is a small group of experienced, credited composer-musicians passionate about writing and producing high quality bespoke music to picture.


Dispite composing in fairly wide musical genres we are NOT a music library company!

In fact we are not fans of library music becasue its overuse often diminishes the production quality of visual content.


Hence instead of trawling through the quagmire of a music library's titles we offer our musical skills to give you a completely customed aproach to suit your project from the subtlest of underscore/sound design to the most grandiose epic main themes.


We love watching films ourselves. Some of the best scores we have heard are those where the music is almost unnoticable becasue it is doing its job well to help lock the viewer into the visual content/dialogue without encroaching.


Our goal is to help portray the image and sentiment of your film harnessing what you may or may not yet have in mind for a score: either way we aim to inspire you!




Henry Frampton


Dewi Richards